Eighth Grade Spiritual Retreat


8th Grade

The middle school staff is excited to announce that after much prayer and consideration, as well as a lot of research and discussion, and with board approval we are taking this year’s eighth grade class on a two night spiritual retreat to Camp Timber-lee’s Jumpstart Retreat in East Troy, Wisconsin, October 7-9, 2016. Throughout our prayers and research last school year, we felt God’s leading and direction in every step of the decision making process. From the initial idea, to researching sites and analyzing spiritual backgrounds, to funding, transportation, board support, and implementation, God has been opening doors and making this trip possible. It is our hope and prayer that God will use this trip to make a deep impact in the lives of our students.

Our goals on this trip are to:

  1. Foster EACH student’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Help students develop deep, meaningful, and personal relationships with teachers.
  3. Provide students with adult Christian mentors that they can confide in.
  4. Empower students to show leadership in our middle school and be good role models for younger students.

As our middle school grows and becomes increasingly busy and focused on academics, we want to ensure that Christ is the focal point of all we do here at CPCS. In addition to this eighth grade retreat, we intend to connect chapels and prayer groups to the faith lessons and leadership lessons that we will learn during our time at Timber-lee. Emphasis will be placed on eighth graders taking a leading role in this.

One particularly exciting development to our middle school will be the addition of Spiritual Portfolios. Throughout the year, students in grades six-eighth will be developing a Spiritual Portfolio that might include things like personal testimonies, spiritual struggles, favorite verses, goals for a daily prayer and devotional life, strategies for how they might deal with pressures in high school, promises of abstinences or remaining drug free, listing adult mentors and peer support groups/prayer partners etc. Nearing the end of their time here at CPCS, eighth grade students will then take their Spiritual Portfolios and share them with their parents at the Eighth Grade Banquet. It is on this night that parents will be asked to share in the child’s spiritual journey and pray over them as they head out of CPCS and on into high school.

Will join us in praying for our middle school teachers and students as they prepare for this trip?  May God grow and shape them into students who love and seek after His Kingdom.

Praying in Bible Class


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