Classroom Prayers, By Emma Slings, CPCS Student

Classroom PrayersClassroom Prayers

By many, us eighth graders are considered the supreme rulers of the school, the “Top Dogs”.  Sometimes we are portrayed as bullies who roam the halls and taunt the younger ones.  But in reality at CPCS, eighth graders are no more than average students who thrive to be leaders in Christ.

One way we build Christ-like leadership is through Classroom Prayers.  Once a week during Mr. Koontz’s Bible class, our homerooms travel to a classroom where we partner up with younger students.  During that time we share prayer requests, praises, and pray.  We also take time to learn more about them individually, which is always fun.  Classroom Prayers is a chance for us eighth graders to squeeze out of our middle school bubble and interact at a deeper level with other students in our school.

I can speak for my whole grade when I say Classroom Prayers is a highlight of our week, impacting us as much as the the other students.  It is a great opportunity to experience the power of prayer and grow closer to God.

By Emma Slings, Eighth Grade Student

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