Celebrating with Ice Cream!

A few weeks ago two of our kindergarten classes and our seventh graders had a reading contest to benefit the children of Casa Benabe Orphanage in Guatemala.  Beanie Babies were earned for books read.  The Beanie Babies earned were given to the children living at the orphanage.

Our seventh graders won the ice cream contest for reading the most books.  The seventh graders decided it would be way more fun to celebrate with their kindergarten friends so they invited them to join in on their party.  Each seventh grader was paired with a kindergartener.  They started with a celebratory lunch together in the lobby, followed by delicious ice cream with a huge assortment of toppings, and then a group photo with the Beanie Babies!  It was absolutely adorable to watch the seventh graders host their young friends.  The seventh graders made sure the little ones truly enjoyed their festivities and felt important.

Thanks to our kindergarten and seventh grade teachers for helping our students have an impact not only on our Guatemalan friends, but also on each other!

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