Blacklight Dodgeball Tournament by Colton DeJong

dodgeballmainpicThe second Dodge Ball Tournament of the year was on March 6th and was attended by a large portion of the middle school students and a few staff members.  It was a blast as the Student Council set up a good tournament for all the teams.  Mrs. Wigboldy did a great job of managing all of the games and setting it up.  Once again, there was a great number of participants.  All of the students and teachers were going “Ham”!  Evan Holland and Andrew DeVries had some pumping music that was school appropriate, but was great for hyping everyone up.

The Tournament started as a round robin tournament and Mrs. Wigboldy recorded each team’s wins.  They set the tournament up so that the four best teams (out of six) advanced to the semifinals.  If you lost in the semi-finals, you were out and the two best teams played….


The last two teams had to wear something light colored and then the lights were shut off.  We turned on black lights so that everyone was glowing.  The two teams faced off in an epic battle and the winning team came out and had to play the staff team….


The students ended up whooping the staff team and had no mercy.  The teachers choked, but it was definitely a good twist to the tournament.  The lights were also a great twist and made the final games a blast.

By: Colton DeJong, Eighth Grade Student

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