Artist of the Month: Olivia Klomp

untitled-1Olivia Klomp is a 3rd grade student in Mrs. Gibson’s class.  She has a beautiful smile, a kind and joyful heart, and a love for art.  The Fine Arts Committee honored her for the month of December as the Artist of the Month.  The committee had the privilege of interviewing Olivia and learning more about her.

Why do you like art?  “Art gives me a chance to express myself.”

What is your favorite form of art? “Drawing whatever is on my mind. I like drawing dresses and shoes. I want to be an art teacher or teacher when I grow up.   I prefer to use markers when making my art.”

What is your favorite part of art? “I love when Ms. Zylstra tells me to draw something, but to draw it based on how I am feeling.  It is still what she told us to draw so everyone has the same thing, but it is different based on how each student is feeling.”

Tell me about your piece that was chosen for Artist of the Month. “It is called ‘Tree of Life.’ It is a normal tree but really sparkly and twirly, really fun, and colorful.  That is how I feels about life, something can be ordinary but you can make it sparkly and fun and that can make people happy.”

What is your favorite part of Gods creation? “My family.  I am so thankful that God created my family. I like to draw pictures of my family, and my mom puts some of them in frames.”

What your favorite color? “Turquoise blue.”

Written by Tatum Bultema, Fine Arts Committee Member

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