Artist of the Month: Mia Roth

Mia Roth 2As a little kid, Mia Roth would visit her Aunt’s house and would spend her day drawing.  Since that time, Mia has always loved art.  She particularly loved doing portraits this school year.  Mia shared, “It is incredibly hard to take what a person looks like and draw it to proportion.”

Next year Mia will be a freshman at Illiana Christian High School.  She looks forward to joining their Art Club and continuing to learn and develop her love for the arts.  In her free time, Mia loves searching on Pinterest.  She also enjoys doodling.  Congratulations, Mia, for being this month’s “Artist of the Month”!

Written by Tracy Hall, Development Director

Mia Roth Head Dress

Mia designed and created this beautiful head dress for the Fine Arts Festival.

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