An Interview with Mr. Koontz by Alex Wondaal

Koontz Factskoontz3I recently interviewed Mr. Koontz, the 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Bible teacher.  Here is the information I gathered.

Mr. Koontz is a father of three. His eldest daughter is Emily and she coaches women’s lacrosse at Grace College.  Emily is 23 years old.  His son, Cody,  is a junior at Grace College and is studying exercise physiology.  His youngest child is Cassidy, she is graduating from Merrillville High School this year, and she will be attending Grace as well where she will be pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.  His wife, Jean, is an employee at Bath and Body Works; she is also a part-time teacher at Portage Christian School.

Mr. Koontz has lived all over the east side of the country throughout his life.  He was born in Warsaw, Indiana where his dad was a pastor. When he was five, they moved to Pennsylvania because his dad became a pastor at Pike Grace Brethren Church in Mundy’s Corner.  Between his freshman and sophomore college years he moved to Florida, and after graduation he moved to Fort Lauderdale.  After graduating from college, he moved back to Pennsylvania where he taught at the school his mom started.  After that he moved back to Indiana (Merrillville this time) and became a manager at Auto-Zone, and finally started teaching here.koontz2

When asked about his favorite part of teaching at CPCS his response was “a combination of kids, teachers and parents.  I just love being part of the CPCS community”.

My final question for Mr. Koontz was “How have you seen God working at CPCS?”  He responded: “I’ve seen time after time God has changed lives and answered prayers for teachers.  He has amazing timing and perfect needs-meeting.  Sometimes you see Him working in student’s lives as well, maybe in helping them grow.  KoontzFor example, there is a kid named Alex in my class.  I have seen some real growth in him in the last few years, and it is just so encouraging because I never really tied into God and figured some stuff out until I was older than he is.  There is no telling what God can do with a young man totally dedicated to Him, and its an encouragement that makes everything worth it, even though I don’t see this kind of growth in every student, at least now.  But that’s okay.  Anything can happen when God reaches into their life further down the road.”

Written by Alex Wondaal, Eighth Grade Student

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