Edmodo PicCrown Point Christian School uses a Learning Management System called Edmodo.

Edmodo has proven to be a helpful tool by acting as a communication medium and as a repository for educational content.  Similar in form to Facebook, teachers create posts that can be viewed by both parents and students.  Some posts contain information about the happenings in the classroom, pictures, news from the day, etc.  Other types of posts may relay the homework and expectations, including attachments that parents can review, study guides or even the weekly spelling list.

An exciting feature being widely used in the middle school is the assessment delivery platform of Edmodo.  Teachers have the ability to quiz and poll their students to assess learning.  There is even a homework turn-in feature.  Students “drop” their assignments digitally and teachers grade, comment and provide valuable feedback, all while keeping parents in the loop.

Edmodo Parent Letter

Edmodo FAQs

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